Michael B. Sky

Reality and Illusion - Only a dream?

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of art and science. Those to whom this experience is a stranger, those who cannot be rapt and amazed, are as good as dead for their eyes are closed (freely adapted from Albert Einstein, Living Philosophies). With each step, each dream or experience visual impressions emerge which melt into (un)real images as time passes by. The combination of elements, surfaces, and colours leads to an object that makes it possible for me to explain myself to the world. Thus, I can express what I perceive and what I wish to communicate. The possibility to express myself without limits and to create new worlds inspires my creativity which reveals to me the elusive part of my spirit. This creative ritual is the source of the eternal quest for self-knowledge. Reminiscence of tradition melts in a sophisticated reflection into forms which visualise elements of the past, the future, and consciousness of the moment.


A portrait does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible (freely adapted from Paul Klee). A portrait comes into being when I feel inspired by a face, a look, or a character. The artist’s sensibility and knowledge of the portrayed person are essential for him to be able to visualise the person’s personality and characteristic features. In the process of creating a portrait, the concept of extraversion and introversion is equally important and determines the portrayed person’s and the artist’s expressing modes. My paintings call attention to what intrigues me: To discover a world of forms and colours in the phenomena and to make them visible to excite dialogue, dissent, or harmony with the observer.

Michael B. Sky crafts paintings that are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether photorealistic landscapes or magnificent portraiture, each work is created with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Rapture is a unifying theme within Sky’s oeuvre, which he discovers in grand cloud formations, a striking face, or the erratic contours of a well-worn floor. His dreams and subconscious are also a continual source of inspiration. Life and science is the great mystery that he is exploring through his visionary art.


"This creative ritual is the source of the eternal quest for self-knowledge," he states. Working with oil or mixed media on canvas, Sky’s treatment of vastly different subjects often suggests very similar feelings. Whether a beautiful recumbent nude lost in thought or heavenly beams of sunlight cast through sinister clouds, both become catalysts for passionate reverie. A severe variation of colours and movements further enhances the dramatic appeal of his work.
(Agora Gallery. New York, USA)

Sky’s paintings are held in private collections throughout Europe, USA and Japan. He lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany.

Publications, exhibitions, competitions

2017 - 1st Place in the Portrait of Someone Famous category in the American Art Awards 2017, international juried Exhibition. The American Art Awards are juried by USA's best Galleries/Museums. Artists in 56 countries competed.

2017 - 5th Place in the Surrealism category in the American Art Awards 2017
2013 - 3rd Showcase winner by artslant.com, category Abstract
2012 - The Art Takes Times Square, New York / June 2012
2011 - Miami SCOPE / November 29. - December 4., Miami
2010 - SCOPE New York / March 03. - March 07.
2010 - Contemporary German Art, Agora Gallery, New York / March 23. - April 13. New York
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